When Can You Buy Tieks On Sale?

Recently there have been some beautiful new additions to the Tieks family. The ever-increasing popularity of these comfortable, Italian leather, foldable flats, have more and more people asking when can you buy Tieks on sale.

First tortoise, then ruby-red patent, sapphire patent arrived next and now the newest ballet flat that is sure to make everyone green with envy, emerald patent. At the rate new Tieks shoes are being born these days it’s almost hard for even a Tieks addict like me to keep up. You see the way my bank account is set up I have a checking and a savings… (if that joke is lost on you then you must watch Kevin Hart’s hilarious stand up, especially about buying expensive things).

I admit that Tieks aren’t the most budget friendly shoes, but I can absolutely tell you, after wearing Tieks for more than 6 years now, they are completely worth their price.

If you follow my Instagram, you can see that I have left and will continue to leave my blueprints all over the world throughout my daily life and travels.

When Can You Buy Tieks On Sale?

So when can you buy Tieks on sale?

I hate to disappoint you but the short and simple answer to this question is hardly ever.

Often I hear of people waiting to purchase Tieks in hopes they will go on sale, so I wanted to save you some time and energy.

There is no need to wait, go ahead, treat yourself and buy the shoes!

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When Can You Buy Tieks On Sale?

Tieks believes so much in their product and has such a widespread loyal following of customers that I guess they don’t feel the need to discount or put their signature blue-bottomed foldable flats on sale.

I will share with you that there are times throughout the year, mostly around the holidays, when the Tieks shoe fairy comes to town and gives you the opportunity to enter to win a pair of Tieks or even your whole Tieks wishlist (I have a pretty big wishlist). You may also get lucky and score a pair of gently used Tieks at a lower price on sites like Poshmark or even in some secondhand stores, so keep your eyes peeled.

Make sure you are signed up on the Tieks email list as well as following them on their social media channels to find out when they are having giveaways, plus be among the first to be alerted of new colors and patterns joining the Tieks family.