Are You Sure You Are Buying The Right Size Tieks?

I LOVE shoes. They are my favorite thing to purchase and wear. There are many types of shoes I love, but my most favorites are Tieks. Tieks are my go to shoe of choice thanks to their amazing comfort level, durability, portability, and also their style factor. They even have a signature Tieks blue sole and stripe up the back of the shoe for a classy and unique look. Since you can’t try on Tieks before ordering them, are you sure you are buying the right size Tieks?

Tieks Makes This New Sweet Style

In case you don’t own a pair of Tieks yet, or maybe you aren’t even sure what Tieks are, I will tell you they are incredibly comfortable, Italian leather, flexible and fashionable flats.

Tieks have definitely gained in popularity, but there still seems to be a lot of people who shy away from these fabulous flats because they can only be purchased online.

This means you can’t try them on before you buy them. For first time Tieks buyers the question of what size Tieks to order can start to drive you crazy.

Are You Sure You Are Buying The Right Size Tieks?

Are You Sure You Are Buying The Right Size Tieks?

Tieks are a very flexible type of shoe and since they are made with 100% Italian leather that is super supple, they do stretch a bit and will actually start to feel like they are molding to your foot (in a comfortable way).

Tieks do not run in half sizes, only whole.

To try to make sure you are buying the right size of Tieks the first time that you order, I always tell people they run true to size, but if you wear a 1/2 size, then I would order the next full size up instead of sizing down.

I normally wear a size 5 1/2 in shoes, but in Tieks I wear a size 6. I actually ordered and tried on a size 5 in Tieks the very first time I ordered so I could compare the sizes. Size 5 was too tight and the 6 fit just right.

Tieks, has fabulous customer service.

Once you receive and try on your Tieks (in the comfort of your own home) and if you find they don’t fit or if you would like to compare them with another size, simply call or email Tieks customer service and they will send you out another pair of Tieks free of charge. Then you will be able to have both pairs to try on and compare.

Once you decide which pair you want to keep, you simply mail back the other pair, free of charge.

My favorite pair of Tieks currently are rose gold and they have kept my feet comfortable and fashionable while walking all around Disney Parks, New York City, Old San JuanParis and many more places.

Are You Sure You Are Buying The Right Size Tieks?

My 8-year-old daughter loves that Tieks recently started making kid-sized Tieks so she can follow along in my footsteps.

Are You Sure You Are Buying The Right Size Tieks?

I hope that I have been able to answer your question of: are you sure you are buying the right size Tieks, so you no longer have to worry about sizing and can finally start ordering the best flats ever!

  1. I’m thinking of buying my first pair of Tieks for Christmas. Your post helped me with sizing. Thanks so much!

  2. I ordered my first pair of tieks in a size 9 and 10. Normally I wear a size 9. The 9’s feel a little snug, maybe a little tight. The 10’s a little roomy width wise. What pair should I keep?

    • Hmmm. I wear a 5 1/2 normally, but I size up to a 6 in Tieks. They do stretch out after walking in them for a bit, but they shouldn’t feel tight or uncomfortable. Maybe walk around (on carpet) with them for a couple of days to see if they will stretch a bit?

    • I have the same issue. I’m afraid 9s will never be comfortable but also that 10s will stretch to too big. I’ve tried looking at photos and many seem to be wearing slightly saggy ones, which makes me lean toward the 10s. I just don’t think I could tolerate the 9s at all and that’s in the comfort of my home without throwing in activities. What did you decide:)

  3. I think you are right about sizing up instead of down. I normally wear a 7.5, but ordered the 7 (in taupe) because I figured they would stretch and be fine. After wearing them around the house all day, they started to hurt the top of my heels. Guess it’s time to test their customer service! I just requested an exchange for a size 8. Fingers crossed they are more comfortable, but not too big.

    I love your leopard pair btw! I’ve been eyeing them on the Tieks website for some time, if the bigger size works they WILL be my next pair!

  4. Hey there! I am having a “which pair do I keep” dilemma! It’s hard because in some shoes I wear a 7,7.5, or 8. I got my first pair in a size 7 and I noticed they fit perfectly…but were a little tight in the toes. I just received a size 8, and they are way more comfy but I’m worried if they strech anymore they will become too big! The customer service gal I talked to said that streching won’t help the length of the shoe so I’m thinking I will keep the 8s. Bah! What should I do?

    • I had this same problem. I was the post about the size 9 or 10. I kept them both, but the 9 is best. The 0 did become to big on the side of my foot and is slipping off now. I’d keep the 7.

      • 9 was best for you? That is good to hear a different perspective. I think it all depends on your foot, and that is why it’s fabulous that Tieks customer services is as amazing as it is!

  5. So I ended up keeping the 8s…I would wear each pair inside the last couple of days, and it become apparent that the 7s were already starting to rub my pinkie toe, no good! I think what I will do is wear a little no show sock if they stretch out too much or buy something to fill the space. But as of right now they were WAY better than the 7s. They were the silver screen fabric, I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Thanks for feedback girls! 🙂

    • Hey everyone! So I regret not choosing the 7s….I have worn my size 8 silver screen tieks exactly 4 times. 🙁 If anyone knows someone who would like to buy them from me, let me know! They cannot be returned since I wore them outside.

  6. I just received my first pair – Lovestruck in a size 8. They feel great – just ever so slightly loose – but I’m concerned a 7 will be too tight (I’m typically a 7.5, but sometimes wear a 7, and sometimes wear an 8, and my foot is on the wider size of normal). Based on your experience, what do you recommend I do?

    • Yay! Congrats on your first pair of Tieks. Based upon my experienced, because I also wear a half size. I recommend not going down to a 7. I found that going down a size was too tight.

  7. I received two pairs of size 7’s for Christmas. I am a 7.5 in reg. shoes. I have been wearing these around the house for a while and the length was good, but after an hour, the side of my right big toe was hurting and more so when I removed them. Customer service person recommended I wear a thicker sock with them and continue to wear around the house to see if they stretched. I tried that, then called and asked to have size 8’s sent to me to compare. They feel better, but I am worried about the length! I have a full finger width of room between my big toe and end of shoe. UGH! Not sure what to do, these are not cheap shoes. I want to love them like so many do. I may be sending all 4 pairs back. Feeling bummed.

    • I wear a half size and I always have to go up in Tieks to the next full size for them to be completely comfortable for me. I do not have as much room in mine as you state that you do. I hope you can find a way to make them work for you!

    • Hi Jill,
      My friend and I are Tieks junkies and this is what we have found in our experience. My friend goes a half size down and I go a half size up. She buys only patent ones and has the same issues as you. However, she says she has to wear it a few times until the shoe starts molding to her feet and then they are very comfortable with her. Mind you we both have wide feet, mine probably wider than hers.
      In matte flats, I can go a half size down , take a few wears to break in until I get complete comfort. I can go a half size up in matte flats and they are completely comfortable from day one (but a little loose).
      In patent flats, I stick to going a half size up because I know they take time to break in.
      I don’t know if you’re trying patents or mattes, but I hope this helps!

    • Jill – what did you end up doing? I’m in the EXACT same boat. the 7’s seem fine in the length of the sole, but the elastic is so tight on my big toe knuckle and DIGS into my heel. But since it’s the elastic I keep hoping they’ll stretch out. I too have heard the patent leathers take longer, but I’ve worn them two days straight around my house and they don’t really feel any better. Grant not all that time was walking I was working from home so I was sitting a lot of it, but I was up and down and up and down pretty frequently. I’m trying out the 8’s now and while there’s no pain, and while the hell stays firmly in place, the sides seem to rub a little when I walk. No problems caused by that yet, but I’m concerned that on a day where I’m on my feet more heavily (shopping, traveling, etc) that it might become an issue – especially if they continue to stretch out. So, which pair did you end up keeping? did you ever get the 7’s to stretch?

      • I would agree with sizing up! I bought a size 9 in matte black two years ago (I wear a 9 – 9.5) and although they have stretched, I wish I would’ve gotten a 10. They are still tight on my big toes. I also recommended getting gekks liners so your tieks don’t stink.

  8. I just bought my first pair of Tieks and went with the 9 since I normally wear and 8 1/2 but have sometime gone to a 9 depending on the shoe. They’re a perfect fit now and if they get a little loose i can always add an insole. Thanks for sharing your experience, it was very helpful.

  9. Hi! I just tried a 5 and 6 and kept the 5 but think I might have made the wrong decision. Should the back keep its shape or should they mold/fold under your heel?

  10. I own a pair of Tieks and am a 9.5. I read the Tieks FAQ and they recommend going a half size up if you have wider feet so that is what I did! I have the matte black and I definitely think I could have gone to a size 9. It’s weird. In the winter, a size 9 would have done better especially since I wear tights. A 10 with tights on is a little too loose and I do get scared my feet will fall out (they haven’t). I want to get the nude patent and am SO confused about which size to get. But after reading your post, I will still go with a 10. I heard the patents don’t stretch out as easily as the matte and I’ll be wearing the nude patent in the spring/summer weather. Definitely don’t want to put my feet in something that will be more narrow especially during warmer weather.

  11. I normally wear an 8 and don’t have a wide foot, so I ordered an 8 in the matte black. When they came, they almost felt tight, but only on my big toe. You could really see the outline of my toe on the top too. They felt great everywhere else, in the heel and elastic. Tieks sent a 9 so I could compare, and while those feel perfect now, I wonder if they will stretch and become too big. There is just barely a finger width space between my big toe and the end of the shoe in the 9. Which should I keep – the ones that feel right now, or the ones that are my normal size but feel tight in the toe? I don’t know how much they will stretch. Thanks for your advice!

    • I wear a half size so I go up to the next size in Tieks. They fit great and still feel comfy even when they stretch a bit. I would say that if they feel tight in any way then those aren’t the size you want to keep. My Tieks have never felt tight.

      • Hi there! I am wanting to order my first pair of Tieks. I want to order a color that will work with basically any outfit. I wear a lot of blacks and brown’s as well. Any suggestion?

        • Hello! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post. My leopard Tieks are the pair that I wear the most, as leopard is a considered a neutral and they go with everything. The feather gray and matte black Tieks are also good options too!

  12. I received a pair of matte black Tieks for Mother’s Day (so exciting!) I normally wear an 8.5 so based on the website, my family ordered the 8. They do not pinch or rub anywhere, and I believe that a 9 would be too big, but lately the heel on my right foot seems to be slipping off. Is this just a special issue with my feet like needing an insert or do I have a size issue? I appreciate your help!

    • Hmmm… I haven’t had an issue with my Tieks slipping off. Have you tried an insert to see if that would work. They definitely mold to your feet over time, but it there is a size issue, then I would recommend possibly sending them back. They should fit you very comfortably.

  13. I’m a 10 wide I would love to try tieks but don’t know if I should get a 10 or 11? I love that they will send out another pair if it doesn’t work instead of me buying both sizes and spending the money outright.

    • This is my exact problem. I wear a 10, and feet are a little wide but not extremely wide. I bought my first pair of matte black in a 10. My right foot could not make the adjustment…I feel the right shoe was defective in that the elastic was pulled tighter and you could see puckering in the leather above the toe box, and the right heel collapsed and didn’t have a round shape, so my right heel didn’t really fit into it nicely. The left shoe, size 10, was perfect. Customer service recognized the defect and traded in for another size 10 which worked. I recently ordered my second pair in a chestnut, size 10, and inspected them for defects-made sure they appeared to be made the same, but haven’t yet worn them outside the house. They feel very tight and slightly shorter than my matte black 10s. I have asked customer service to send a size 11 so I can compare. I love Tieks, but people who wear full sizes are in a quandary. I mean if it is true that if you wear a half size, you often (or sometimes) need to go up a size, then why do you most often hear (even from Tieks) that if you wear a whole size, get the whole size…because that’s your true size. Not logical in my opinion. I hope the 11s work. Maybe Tieks don’t work for as many who wear whole sizes.

  14. I really have a dilemma, I wear a 7-7.5. I got taupe in an 8 (and camel in 7 for my sister). The 8s fit fine but my toes are going to sleep. The 7s are tight but no toes falling asleep. When I push my foot back, the 8s have a decent amount of room in them, the 7s, I fill up the shoe completely. :p Should I try a different color/fabric in the 8 or move to a matte leather 7…. help…. so sad, I want them to work. 🙂

    • I would contact Tieks and maybe see if you can try a leather. I wear a 5 1/2, but in Tieks I size up to a 6. The patent leather ones fit a little tighter than my leather pairs.

  15. Hi! So I have 2 pairs in matte black and am not sure which to keep. The 8’s are snug and feel tight in the heels but the nines leave marks on my feet and heels also. I am usually an 8 or 8.5 depending. I just want to know which to keep so I can speed this process up! I also have narrow feet by the way. Thanks!

  16. Does anyone not have problems with their Tieks squishing down at the heel? I walk a 2 miles a day for my work commute and have a hard time keeping them on the back of my heel. I wear a size 8 shoe and bought a size 8 Tiek…should I have gotten a 7?! I’m not seeing anyone else with this same issue. I have normal width but really high arches if that matter.

  17. I’ve been reading all the comments about sizing. I own a poppy pair. I wear a size 6 1/2 but in some shoes downsize to a six. Never up to a 7. So I ordered the poppy in 6. Have had them a couple of years. They feel great in the heel but hurt the ends of my toes. I wear them often but only for a few hours at a time because they begin to hurt my toes, but never my heels. I just ordered the taupe and after much research decided to size up to a 7. Here’s hoping this is the right size so I can wear them more. Will re-comment after they come and I try them out.

      • Well my size 7 Tieks came today. They feel so much better than the sixes in the toe area. But they don’t fit quite as well in the heel. The sixes fit better in the heel but overall the 7’s are more comfortable. I think I can always put a heel insert in if needed. So I think I will keep the 7’s. I think what makes me sad is that so many shoe manufacturers make shoes only in whole sizes. I understand if they are inexpensive but wonder why when they are so expensive they can’t make half sizes as well. Because let’s face it, I wear a 6 1/2 not a six and not a seven so neither of those sizes truly fit well. I’d like to see a manufacturer make shoes in half sizes for once and then the people who wear whole sizes could size up or down. ???

          • Just a next day update on the size seven tieks. I wore them all day yesterday. They never hurt and by the end of the day seemed to be molding to my foot and felt great. Unless you have a really narrow foot I would definitely recommend sizing up if you are a half size. Thanks for all the input on this from everyone. It made my tieks experience wonderful!!

  18. I’m a guy that received his California Navy Tieks last November. They were perfect from day one. My challenge is that I have one foot slightly longer than the other. I typically order a women’s size 10 1/2. I decided to size up to a size 11 when I purchased the Tieks. The Tieks have molded to my feet…the Italian leather helped to compensate for the difference in the length of my feet. Tieks are amazing!! I’m planning to purchase a pair of Tieks for my wife’s next birthday. She has narrow feet and usually wears a 8 1/2…will order a size 8. My recommendation is that people that normally wear a 1/2 size and have wide feet size up and narrow feet size down.

    • I love that you love Tieks too! I actually have narrow feet and I always size up with Tieks. I think it is just based upon what feels best on your particular foot. That is why I love that Tieks has such amazing customer service.

  19. I ordered a size 7 black pair as my first ones, and they have worked out amazingly. When I first tried them, they were a little snug, but reading the reviews, I gave them time and now they are perfect.
    I ordered the leopard print as my second ones and they seem much tighter. I want to give them the same break in time, but I’m nervous they won’t stretch the same way. Do some textures/prints run slightly different in sizing?

  20. This summer, I ordered an 8 Silver Screen and its been miserable breaking them in. They finally feel ok but I didn’t take into account that my feet swell daily, so even though I wear an 8, it’s been a struggle. Fast forward to Christmas, I remembered your post and thought, “maybe I got the wrong size”. I ordered Tangerine and Fuchsia in 9 and they fit perfect! Thanks so much!